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John also compiled two A.4 hard-backed blue notebooks of Births, Deaths and Marriages at St. Andrew’s Church from the registers at Stafford Record Office and Lichfield Record Office

(bottom of box file)


VOL. I  -  1701 – 1780

       Includes a note from John Needham dated 13.06.1990 about his visit to Stafford Record Office

       Includes two photocopies of registers 1701-4 at Lichfield Record Office.



-           1781 – 1800  (pp. 1 – 43)

-          1662 – 1701  (pp. 45 – 118)

-          1804 – 1805  (p. 44)

·         At the back of this volume three pages of the accounts of Richard Booth, Surveyor of the Highways, 1836-37 and one sheet of research by Alabama, U.S.A. SMITHS in Clifton Campville.



·         Top sheet, drawn 1989, by John Needham of the Structure phases throughout the centuries of St. Andrew’s Church.


1692  23 January deposition Nathaniel Selleck v. Hon. Francis Coventry

       Photocopy of original EM 1368/33;  plus an additional handwritten note by John Needham.


1850  19th May, death of Rev. Robert Taylor buried North Chancel.

       Note handwritten by John Needham


1861  John Needham’s discovery at Stafford Record Office of Register entry:

       Memorial to Nathaniel Selleck – uncovered 1861 during work on Church Floor.


1890  Unknown source : two photocopied sheets on St. Andrew’s Church.

       pp. 44 – 45.


1906  Original booklet by W.D. Caroe, Church commissioned architect, on condition of  St. Andrew’s Church.  One complete photocopy.


1909  Original booklet, Clifton Campville Church Restoration Fund, initiated and collected by C.H. Browne, Master of the School:  Old Scholars Fund one complete photocopy.

       Two photocopies, November and December 1909 of letters from Mr. Browne to former scholars, regarding the “Shilling Collection”.

·         Cross-reference School File *



1914   Photocopy of Balance Sheet of Fund above.



1908  Collection of photocopied photographs of St. Andrew’s Church exterior to and interior and two plans;  some dated, some undated

1938  Total number of sheets:  10


August 29th 1952

       ‘Tamworth Herald’ article appeal for £20,000 by Rev. Alan Mathieson for St. Andrew’s Church (includes two part-photocopies)


August 15th 1953

       “The Birmingham Post”, article and two photographs of St. Andrew’s Church and two photo copies.


September 2nd 1955

       Photocopy “Tamworth Herald” article on ‘Church Treasure’ - rare 14th century brass.


February 2nd 1964

       Staffordshire Listed Buildings Commission

       Three typewritten papers description of St. Andrew’s Church.

       (with later side-notes by John Needham)


April 1970

       Original copy parish magazine


1976  ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH -  a history, with photos;  author unknown

       First page and last page photocopied.

       Whole booklet is a photocopy.


1976  Original copy of programme to celebrate 600 years Flower Festival,

       etc., etc …..


1984 – 18th December 1984

       Two sided A4 typed sheets “Storm damage to Church” by

       Rev.  Arthur Solomon.


                     (1984 -   23.ll.1984.    Tamworth Herald articles three copies

 Clipped            (1987 -   09.01.1987    Tamworth Herald article.

Together             (1987 –   12.06.1987  Tamworth Herald article

               (1987 -   08.06.1987   Star and Express – article and photo


1991  Original copy of programme Handel’s Messiah performed at St. Andrew’s Church 23rd November 1991 for Rev. Solomon’s



1991  John Needham’s research on the Church architect W.D.CAROE (SEE p.3 1906)


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