Clifton Manor/Hall 1701....

                                                                           Clifton Hall 1700...

"The Story of Clifton Camville” by PYE, pub. 1892, photocopy is in the SOURCES file,  and is largely devoted to the ownership of the Manor and the Pye family.


Two typed sheets, genealogy (see above) plus one pencil sheet prepared by Major Reed and John Needham.

Ten handwritten sheets, by John Needham probably form a larger collection, as these are random notes.


1701.  John Needham’s note on Pye acquisition of Clifton Manor by Sir Charles Pye  and his mother, Rebecca (EM. 1312)

          Photocopied pages, pp. 128-9 and 132-3 from Pye “Story of Clifton Camville”.

          One sheet photocopy Pye Coat of Arms


          A collection of notes and drawings gathered by John Needham on the building of Clifton Hall. Circa 1708 Francis Smith’s

          work (EM. 1337)

          Two sheets photocopied on Smith by Professor H. Colvin

          One handwritten note on Smith;  six pages of drawings, sketches and notes on Smith’s design for the Hall.

          Two letters from Professor A.H. Gomme and one letter from Sheffield,

City archivist, Richard Childs, referring to (EM. 1337); postscript by John Needham


Three Xerox copies of plans for Clifton Hall prepared for Sir Charles Pye from Sheffield City Archives (EM. 1337)


1710   John Needham’s file on Wm. Dickenson’s Design for Clifton Hall

          Includes two photocopied pictures of a Palladian house; plus article ‘Sunday Times’ 26 August 1990 of Palladia.


1731   EM. 1358/48 letter to Sir Robert Pye from Joseph Adey, Attorney at Law – Photocopy of original and John Needham’s

         handwritten copy.

Another photocopy from Adey to Sir Robert Pye and John Needham’s pencil notes (on back)

EM.1368/51 letter to Sir Robert Pye from J. Benion.

Two photocopied sheets and John Needham’s handwritten copy re: The Estate.


1773-4   Court Leet and Court Baron 1773 and 1774 EM. 1327 (five small note papers by John Needham)

  Courts met at the manor -  Charles Howard, Steward.


1837  EM. 1367.  Correspondence H.J. Pye and Tithes Commutation

          Commissioners.   Seven letters photocopies.

·          (See also MAP COLLECTION  for thirty seven pages.

 Photocopies re: details of landowners/occupiers, etc.) concerning 1837-8  RENT APPORTIONMENTS.


1892     Map of Clifton Hall and surrounds.  Hand-coloured, but origin unknown.

               (enclosures:  Four photocopied photos –

              Squires Retreat’  Ms. Reed on river at the Hermitage;

              West Clifton Hall;  Main Door Clifton Hall;  Sketch of Kitchen Wing;  Clifton Hall a photocopy.


1906     Re/Sale of Estate (Photocopy)

               Declaration by Solicitors in Tamworth, Edward Argyle & Robert

               Nevill:  4 January 1906.




1905/6   Two handwritten sheets, by John Needham, of tenants and dwellings on the estate at time of Sale, but prior to SALE. 


1964, but later additions 1985

   See similar   (Two typed sheets Clifton Hall and former coach house block

        for            (Staffordshire County Council, Architectural history of

   CLIFTON       (Staffordshire Listed Buildings.



1977         Two photocopies from ‘Farmer’s Weekly’

-          July 22nd by Lesley Deane

-          August 3rd by Mary Phizacklea

1981          ‘Tamworth Herald’ photo (photocopy) Clifton Hall, November 13th


1992           ‘Tamworth Herald’ extract original “Hall’s hippies”, January 10th.