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2019 February Silhouetting Workshop


Lots of concentration was needed to get this beautiful effect, but it paid off in the end, as can be seen from the work created.

Thanks to Chris James for organising.


2019 February Acrylic Workshop

What a fabulously attended workshop! This time our inner abstract artist was released - as can be seen from the 'Jackson Pollock' artwork created. Thankfully we kept the paint off the walls. What a wonderful array of work we created as can be seen from these photos.



2019 Arts and Crafts Group Felting Workshop

What a bumper turnout for this felting workshop! Just look at the concentration on their faces.
Huge thanks to Kate for organising & Chris for the photos.





2019 May Arts & Crafts Crochet Workshop

Lots of dexterity paid off to create some beautiful pieces of intricate crochet work.  What a great afternoon, in great company!
Thanks to Pat Moore for providing a rainbow of wool & much needed instruction!




2019 May - Fabric Bag making Workshop
Another bumper turnout for this Workshop. What a great afternoon in the company of two lovely ladies - Pam & Beryl - who brought along pre-cut material & tons of decorations for us to make our creations come alive.  What bags of fun we had!!  
Thanks to Kate for organising this superb workshop, we will definitely be doing this again next year - so book your place early! 


2019 June - Calligraphy Workshop
Pen & Paper at the ready for this excellent session - the pens were swishing over the paper and many beautiful marks were made.
Many scripts were practiced, as you can see.  The 'Gothic' script looked great. Thanks again to Kate for organising this superb workshop.
Please book your place early to avoid disappointment for these workshops.



2019 July - Watercolour Techniques Workshop
Brushes poised & artists smocks donned as pensively we waited for our genius to flow through our paint brushes onto the paper ....
The coffee break was well earned as we waited for our masterpieces to dry & emerge into the world .....  
Thanks again to Kate for organising this superb techniques workshop.





2019 August - Embroidery & Cross-Stitch Workshop
The concentration can be seen on the faces of the group as needles skewered cloth & shouts of 'Ow' echoed through the hall.
Our coffee break was well received to give our poor fingers (and eyes for some of us!) a rest!
But as you can see from the photo of our "work in progress" the perseverance paid off and we all had work to take home.
Thanks again to Kate for organising this splendid workshop.






2019 September - Collage Workshop
We really enjoyed making a mess at our first workshop at our temporary home at Haunton Church Hall.
Very therapeutic ripping up bits of paper & creating our 'masterpieces' . . .
Thanks again to Chris James for organising this brilliant workshop.






2019 October - Rag Rug Workshop
What a bumper turnout we had for this Workshop – our best ever!
They are getting more popular by the month.
Concentration was etched on the faces as scraps of material were prodded through hessian.
Would this really look like a rug when it was finished?  Well - see for yourselves from the photos.
Our coffee break was well received to give our poor fingers (and eyes for some of us!) a rest!
Thanks to Julie (who spent weeks cutting material up for us!) for organising this brilliant workshop.



















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