Village Hall Events Gallery

2022 April - Art & Craft Group - Macrame Workshop

Get knotted!     Get Knotted!   We well & truly did get knotted, and knotted and knotted as our Macramé wall hanging took shape.  This form of crafting is produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques. The are 5 basic knots: the Lark's Head & Cow Hitch Knot used to attach your yarn to the driftwood.  Then the Square Knot (or Reef Knot) that produces a lovely twist design, then a Double Half Hitch & Wrapping Knot.  The concentration was palpable as we got fully engrossed in our creations. Well done Chris for organising this workshop. 

2022 March - Art & Craft Group - Easter Chick Pom Pom Workshop
The sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming - Spring is in the air! With Easter just around the corner, we thought that it was time for a Pom Pom parade of Easter Bunnies, Chicks and a few eggs!
This was a lovely Summery workshop & was enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Janet for suggesting this idea & organising our "woolly" thoughts into great creations.

2022 February - Art & Craft Group - Stone Painting Workshop

We were well & truly "stoned" at this workshop! Not a pebble was unturned in our quest to master this art!
Gardens around the village were bereft of a few stones and pockets were heavy as we made our way up to the Village Hall. This was a fantastic workshop & was enjoyed by all. But believe me - it is not as easy as it looks!
Thanks to Kate for pre-preparing some stones for us to paint and supplying ideas.

2022 January - Art & Craft Group - Book Folding Workshop
The book worms have turned! Now that many of us rely on tablets and e-readers for our literary fix, so many of our once-loved paperback (and hardbacks!) books have been left to gather dust… but not anymore! We've recycled them into these very cute "Hedgehog". Plus, if you get bored you can always unfold and being reading again!

2021 10 December - Art & Craft Group - Xmas Party
What an end to an odd year!!  We only just managed to get our Xmas Party in before Covid cases in the village escalated. Kate organised a "game" with plastercine, asking us to come up with a Xmas Scene - I think the aliens really made our scene "unique" and won us the challenge!! Unfortunately, due to Covid we decided to cancel the last Workshop of the year - Decoupage Christmas Box on 17 December - as a precaution. But rest assured this Workshop idea will be carried forward to Christmas 2022.  Hooray!
Thanks again to Kate & all the volunteer Workshop Organisers for all their research & hard work in organising these workshops. 
Here's to a healthier & happier 2022 with lots of Crafting & Workshops.
Merry Christmas & A Happy Healthy New Year to all our Crafters.


2021 November - Art & Craft Group - Circular Weaving Workshop
We were all running "round" in "circles" with this workshop!!  Phew . . .
We went "loopy" threading through the "hoop" for this weaving technique, but we all had a ball (of wool!)
Thanks to Margaret for organising this engrossing craft - it was a "ringing" success.

2021 October - Art & Craft Group - Lino Printing Workshop
This is a printmaking technique, in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge, with the raised (uncarved) areas representing a reversal (mirror image) of the parts to show printed.
The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller, and then impressed onto paper or fabric, using a hand held roller.
As you can see from the photos a myriad of designs were created - without any injuries!
Another good turnout for this fascinating craft. Thanks to Chris for organising this fascinating craft workshop.

2021 September - Art & Craft Group - Painting Watercolour Flowers
We're back in Clifton Campville!!  Can't believe it was February 2020 when we last had a workshop at Haunton.
Goodness me though, what a beautiful subject to cover for our first workshop in the new Village Hall.
Thanks to Kate for organising this bouquet of beautiful watercolour flowers to see us through the winter.
Another good turn out for these very popular monthly workshops.
As you can see from the photos - we have the occasional male attendee too!

2020 February - Art & Craft Group - Salt Dough Workshop
The Salt & Flour was flying as we attempted to create our cottages ... Great fun!
Chris James summed up another successful workshop: "We spent our afternoon making Salt Dough plaques. (bringing back memories of play school!). Huge thanks to Kate for all the preparation and expert instruction"  Thanks to Linda for washing up our mixing bowls and her Mum Jean for the idea in the first place.
Now comes the hard part - baking them - fingers crossed they all survive for painting!


2020 January - Weave a Wall Hanging  Workshop
Chris took on the task of organising our first workshop of 2020 - and what a treat it was!
She brought along loads of ideas & fabulous materials (not just wool!) to get our design juices flowing - thank you!
Another bumper turnout for this Workshop.
We even had Bob Patchett in our midst, who enjoyed it thoroughly.  Thanks to Anne for the choccy biscuits too.
Thank you Chris for organising this super workshop - see photo of finished hangings too!