Coneyberry Millennium Green Pond
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The work on the pond is part of major improvements to the Millennium Green for the benefit of the whole community.


Following the guidance of the Principal Ecologist for Staffordshire, who supervised this work, the pond has had essential maintenance carried out in order to retain open water for amphibians, dragonflies and pond plants and to prevent this part of the Green from becoming an overgrown swamp.  By next spring the plants will have re-colonised and the banks re-vegetated.


We will keep the pond area locked until the ground has settled and we have completed the project by installing a walkway, so that children can safely pond-dip; the seat will also be replaced at that time, probably in the spring.


This work is being undertaken thanks to the hard work of the Trustees and many other volunteers who have helped raise the necessary funds and to members of the community who support our fund-raising events.


We do hope that you enjoy the improved view and that you continue to enjoy your visits to the Green. 







Coneyberry Millennium Green Trust