Clifton Manor 11th Century  -  1701

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Useful top typed sheet, probably researched by Major Reed, listing Lords of the Manor and clergy.


There is, also an extract from the “Story of Clifton Camville” by R. PYE late 19th century viz., pp. 17-32 and 49-112. This was kindly donated by JEAN STEVENSON to the REV.

SIMON J. LUMBY, December 2009. The complete book is in the “SOURCES” file.


Mostly  loose sheets and books collected/hand written by John Needham, and refer either to the WELD PAPERS (see also large brown folder) from the BODLEIAN LIBRARY, or to the private collection of papers held by the CAREW POLE family of TORPOINT, CORNWALL, where John worked on the latter at CORNWALL RECORD OFFICE in Truro. 

(See also SOURCES FILE).



          Six DEEDS relating to the manorial holdings at Clifton 1555-71; 1610-20;  1635-35.

          Although John refers to 1555-71 and 1610-20 only the 1635 appears to be photocopied. Handwritten notes by John and


          (Large brown folder containing photocopies is labelled, LEASE 1635 WELD PAPERS)

          See also ‘RURAL LIFE’ CLIFTON AND HAUNTON (box file) 1635 inhabitants.



            Extract (photocopy) from Langford’s ‘History of Staffordshire and Warwickshire’ on John Coventry.


c. 1667

            D.N.B. extract (photocopy) p. 1283 on the Coventrys.

1673(4)-83(5)  -  (See also SOURCE FILE Truro Cornwall Records Office and the Carew-Pole and Buller families’ private



 John Needham painstakingly handwrote the Estate AC Books, for this decade, of Sir John Coventry, Lord of the Manor of Clifton…., a staggering amount of of work !

There are six photocopied sheets of originals (three reasonable and   three poor and  Cover “Clifton”).  John filled three black, red-bound, hard-backed books, one hardback blue book, one    

City of Birmingham Ed. Book, and several A4 loose sheets.  As John wrote “…..the day-to-day Estate management and its impact on village life  ….., was revealed.”



          Courts Leet and Baron. 

          Accounts of William Byfield, Constable of the Parish (Sir John Coventry’s Estate)

          Eight handwritten sheets by John Needham, as well as one photocopy and four handwritten; four photocopies and two


          Court officials;  four photocopies and four handwritten, Court activities.

          EM. 1325, 1326 and 1328 Sheffield Records Office.