2021 Medieval Banquet -  King Arthur Theme
The 'Kingdom of Camelot' (St Andrew’s Church) was lavishly decorated for the Round Table Feast.
Swords & shields echoed around the hall as the Knights & their Ladies arrived for the feast.
The costumes were great again this year!  Good Food, Friends and much fun was enjoyed by all.
A massive THANK YOU to all the kitchen staff & serving wenches, Helen, Sarah & Co. for providing a tasty Feast.
Special thanks to Helen & Sarah who organised games AND last but not least, thank you to ALL the volunteers who helped festoon - & then restore - the Church.
Wonder what the next theme will be ........... ?


What a splendid and inventive Festive display of trees we had!
Who knew we had such talented people living amongst us?
Thank you to all the groups who entered a tree – some truly inspiring ideas!




What a wonderful sound filled the air today - Christmas was truly in the air!
Thank you to 'B NATURAL' Choir for filling our ears with such beautiful sounds.
We applaud you.


2019 Medieval Banquet - Robin Hood Theme

Tickets sold like hot cakes – what another massive success!
The Maid Marian, Robin Hood & his Merry Men theme was whole heartedly taken onboard by villagers and “Clifton Forest” abounded with
Friars, Cardinals & King John!
Not to be outdone - Maid Marian’s hand-maidens were dressed to kill and were very adept with a Bow & Arrow!
Thanks to Robert Leedham’s Sloe Gin cocktail, it started with a kick!
Will Scarlet, or won’t he?
Will Friar Tuck take the lead on the food?
Good Food, Friends, Music and much Merriment was enjoyed by all, to celebrate the nuptials of the legendary Robin Hood & Maid Marian
A massive THANK YOU to all the kitchen staff & serving wenches, The Madrigal Singing Troup, Helen, Sarah & Co. for providing a tasty Wedding Feast.
Special thanks to Helen & Sarah who performed a ‘mini’ play (“wot they wrote themselves”).  Oscars on the way girls!
The ‘Star Bakers’ also did us proud this year by providing the puddings AND last but not least, thank you to ALL the volunteers who helped festoon - & then restore - the Church.
Any ideas for next year’s theme – Knights Of The Round Table, maybe ?



















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