2018 Medieval Banquet

St Andrew's Church as you've never seen it before!

Walking through the village on a dark November evening, it appeared that we had gone back to the Dark Ages (and I don’t mean that the street lights were off!). Out of the gloom came, Lords (not exactly leaping), Ladies, Knights (carrying a round table.) and wenches, wending their way to St. Andrew's church: The reason - the Medieval Banquet!
Lord & Lady De Camville welcomed the revellers for an evening of rousing Medieval delights - and with a glass of mead for those dressed for the occasion!
The Church was festooned with Medieval banners of Knights on majestic steeds & shields galore, the likes of which had not been seen since before the Reformation!
Bunting fluttered above our heads and over the ominous-looking stocks.
The honourable Lord & Lady De Camville (looking suspiciously like Bob & Pam Patchett) oversaw the serving of a dinner of green soup, Beef or Chicken stew & rice pudding.  Lord Hardup (Rector) acted as Master Of Ceremonies as well as having to act as Lord De Camville's food taster! 
The Church reverberated with the melodious tones of live Medieval music from Sarah Ennis on the recorder & Pam Brown on the Harpsichord.    
The ‘Rat Catcher’ had very little success in catching any rats - but had more luck in catching the plague from Lord Hardup & his rusty (sorry trusty!) band of plague-ravaged serving wenches, who got spottier by the hour! 
As we were all well-behaved (and no food-throwing ensued) the stocks were not used – that was until a miscreant “Lord” was rounded up for a misdemeanour involving wearing a Ladies dress on the Millennium Green – but the less said about that the better!    
The merriment came to an end all too early, with protestations and promises of another Banquet in 2019.  
















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